How to Take Care of Crochet Braids

It’s hard not to love crochet braids! They’re versatile, affordable, a great protective style, and they’re so easy to do, even by yourself. But you’re probably wondering what caring for your crochet braids will look like because when something sounds this good, you’re used to it not being true. That said, they really don’t take … Read more

Best Care for Human Hair Extensions

Written by Gaga -Edited by Stacy J. Shaneyfelt, Educator, Author, and Freelancer If you want to rock it like Rapunzel, then typically you’ll wreck your wallet. In reality, hair extensions are a serious investment of time and money, and you’ll definitely want to follow these instructions to give them proper care to last as long … Read more

How to Care for Your Synthetic Dreads

Reviewed by Nicole Dworak. Hairstylist/Colorist.  The process of making dreads is tiring and time-consuming. It can take 6 months to 2 years to get fully matured and locked dreadlocks. If your hair is short, it would take forever to grow it long enough to start the dreads. On the contrary, dreadlock extensions can give you the style … Read more

7 Ways to Store Your Wig

If you’ve invested in a good quality wig, you’ll want to keep it safe and in good shape when not wearing it. Just tossing your wigs on your dresser isn’t a good option. Specifically, your wigs require appropriate storage to look their best. Proper storage accessories will keep your wigs organized, protect them from tangling … Read more

Styling Tips for Synthetic Wigs

Taking care of synthetic wigs is not as easy as it might seem. Synthetic hair tends to create friction when rubbed together or stick to the clothes you wear. Fibers can become tangled and frizzy, which is the worst! This especially affects long or shoulder-length synthetic wigs. Synthetic wigs don’t contain the natural oils produced by … Read more

Best Brushes for Synthetic Wigs

How to Detangle a Synthetic Wig Synthetic wigs, especially longer ones can easily get tangled and messy. The lack of natural oils makes synthetic fibers more prone to tangles and static. To prevent the knots from forming, it is recommended to gently brush the wig before and after each wear. Wigs must be combed and … Read more

9 Helpful Tips when Wearing a Synthetic Wig

Synthetic wigs are more affordable and require less upkeep than wigs made of human hair. However, synthetic wigs generally have a shorter lifespan as the fibers tend to tangle and lose their beautiful color over time. Taking good care of your synthetic wig helps prolong its life and will preserve its color and shape. So, … Read more