How to Repair Damaged Hair After Taking off Extensions

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Had your hair extensions out and feeling like your hair is damaged? Maybe it’s feeling thinner, or matted, you may even have bald areas. This how-to repair damaged hair after hair extensions guide should give you an insight into what to do next.

So, hair extensions can add a lot of difference to your look and I foremost understand why they are addictive. I used to wear extensions for years and I’m naturally thin-haired. I’m also a hairdresser so I know the ins and outs of hair extensions. I’ve seen the damage caused by clients, by poorly applied extensions, or incorrect advice. Hair extensions need to be done well to preserve your natural hair.

Do Extensions Make your Hair Thinner?

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I think the answer to this one is they can. So, yes, but not usually. Some people I find get so used to the extensions that they feel they have hair loss after removal, so that could be why. Also, repetitive strain on the same areas of the head can cause hair loss. If the extensions are applied incorrectly with too much weight on your strands the hair extensions can damage the hair by pulling it out.

I’ve also seen neglect from clients and their bonds matte together. Or maybe you have had a weave and the roots are matted. Tying hair up against the fall of the extensions also can pull out hair. Not having breaks from hair extensions can cause damage and the sad part is people who have them probably have a thin hair type already.

How to Thicken Hair after Hair Extensions?

If your hair is thin at the root – it is an issue at the scalp. Thin hair after extensions can look patchy on the scalp, or, generally thinner all around. You need to look after the scalp and follicles. Regular scalp massages supply blood flow to the follicles and do not tie hair up tightly to put a strain on them. Also, scalp/hair growth treatments, maybe vitamins for hair growth and be gentle. Do not keep putting extensions in if you’re experiencing hair loss as it will add to the problem. Regular trims also help thicken the look of the hair.

Wispy Hair after Extensions?

So wispy hair can happen. This also can be normal. A set of permanent hair extensions can be in the hair while it grows for months. Over this time hair can lose its strong haircut shape so it may just need a cut. Also, sometimes to blend the extensions into your own hair an extensionist may cut into your hair to get a seamless blend. It may not be the damage after hair extensions you’re experiencing and more about getting a haircut.

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Do Extensions Damage your Hair?

So, having hair extensions taken out can be quite liberating after having them in for a while. I encourage regular hair extension wearers to have breaks from the hair extensions because it’s not advised to repetitively go over the same parts of the head. This is because it can cause alopecia from too much tension and pulls the hair out.

Damage Caused by Improper Hair Care Regimen

The damage can also be caused by a client’s home care regime, this is why is important to go to someone qualified that can advise you correctly. If you tie your hair up with extensions high or tight the pressure on your follicles can pull the hair out. Also, if a client does not brush hair through the bonds and goes to bed with wet hair, it can cause bonds to matte together causing pressure on the root.

Damaged Hair after Matted Extensions

Hair matting usually lies at the clients’ hands and it’s a nightmare for us hairdressers to remove. This actually can get so bad it needs to be cut away. That can cause hair to be knotted and picking away at it with a fine-toothed comb takes hours. It also can feel thinner after the hair extension removal because the old natural hair loss will have stayed in the matting, also the extensionist may cut the matting away because removal is not possible.

Does Hair Grow Back After Removing Hair Extensions?

The answer is yes. Not always but mostly. If you have hair loss warning signs then do not put another set of hair extensions in and give it a break. Look after your scalp, get a good haircut, eat a balanced diet, give yourself head massages and use professional quality shampoos/conditioners. My advice is to leave it alone to thicken and grow.

How Long should you Give your Hair a Break from Hair Extensions?

Personally, this depends on your situation right now. If it’s in between having new hair put in and you are not experiencing hair loss, I’d give a 2-4 weeks break. If your hair feels thinner but has no bald patches after removing hair extensions, I’d give it a couple of months. Check in after and see the difference. If you’re still worried, leave it alone for a longer period.

Then if you’re experiencing bald patches, I recommend giving your hair a rest until it grows back. You’re at risk of losing more hair, so stop trying to pinpoint why you have hair loss from extensions and learn from it. Maybe you need a new hair extensionist, maybe you need to change your hair handling at home, maybe you naturally suffer hair loss and it’s not smart to have hair extensions.

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