Money Piece Hair Trend for all Hair Colors

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Money-piece hair is the strongest color trend at the moment. This look can be as striking, subtle, and fun as you like! It’s been around since 2020, and it’s here to stay in 2021.

This trend re-started recently, super subtle on blondes, back when balayage’s boomed. It’s a face-framing effect that adds dimension to your hair. This has evolved recently into a more block color effect – It’s a stronger fashion look.

This evolvement then took on inspiration from the ’90s. With a stronger stripe, contrasting colors, and a blocky-looking finish, it has a real edge.

cute girl with money-piece hair outdoors

Let’s take a look at the cool different options for the money piece highlighting technique below.

Money Piece Balayage Hair

This look tends to have a more sun-kissed natural look. The money piece gently glows up the balayage you have. So, think face-framing highlights. The money piece is lighter or more prominent than the tones in the rest of your hair. Giving you a beach babe look. Who needs a holiday? Just go to your hairdresser and fake it till you make it! (Or at least till COVIDs over.)

Face Framing Highlights on Dark hair

Painting money piece on the dark has so many options.

There really isn’t a rule for this trend. However, natural blend money pieces are quite complimentary on you guys that are super dark. Say if you’re a nice deep chocolate brown think cool toffee tones. Or maybe on the warm spectrum delicious golden caramel hair color. Yummy. Feeling daring? The 90’s original dark hair and blonde money piece should have you itching to get to the salon.

money piece highlights on dark hair

Red Hair

It can be daunting choosing a money piece color on red hair.

If you’re a redhead and your dark/vivid depths, I like to work with coppery red oranges. These tones complement the existing color and add an equally exciting flare. Then, if you’re a more natural medium warm-to-sandy, I believe light warm peachy golden blondes look great on the money piece. Or you’re ready for something different. How about a bright red? Go all out.

The Perfect Money Piece with @Mirella Manelli | Kenra Professional

Blonde Hair

Money piece on blonde hair has a few tonal options.

Usually, I think the most complimentary look is a cleaner blonde around the face. Bright and sparkly. However, it does depend on your skin tone, and generally us hairdressers tone blondes for the desired result. Get your hairstylist to help you select the correct tone for you. Silver and platinum can be SOOO beautiful. Or maybe a pastel? Check out the next paragraphs.

Money Piece Highlights I YouTube video by

young woman with money piece hair working on laptop

Money Piece Edge

The striking looks for the money piece in the hair are so versatile.

It can be a look that has a beautiful pastel hue on blondes to accentuate the hair around the face. Check out this striking yellow-blond money piece by Emily Davies hair. Or once the pastel faded Emily played with a more peachy tone. It- Pretty fun right?

a client with money-piece hair in the salon
a woman with money piece highlights

Money Piece ’90s

So, unfortunately, I’m old enough to remember the period this was first around ???? in the ’90s the classic was dark hair with a striking blonde blocky money piece. Think spice girls, boy bands, and platforms. We had all the good stuff then!!

A young woman with blue eyes and money piece hair

Money Piece Striking

Yup the block of whatever the hell you like on your face-framing streaks.

The money piece trend literally works with EVERY COLOR. That’s why I love it. There are no rules… Just a little guidance here and there. Sometimes if the colors clash, they can look even better. One thing I would say to be aware of is your skin tone. So, hold it up to your face. See how it looks.

Reverse Money Piece

So, this look is pretty much when your light at the back and dark around your face.

I like this option for you guys who maybe like blonde hair but the color isn’t the best for your skin tone. Solution? Have a complimentary darker or more tonal-appropriate money piece around your face. Pretty cool that it actually can allow you to try colors that maybe don’t suit you.

Well, there you have it, the money piece history tones on balayage’s, dark, reds, blondes, and fashion colors. Whatever you choose, have fun with your money-piece hair!

young woman with money piece hair in a black dress

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