12 Hairstyles for Business Women

Appropriate Hairstyles for Work Picking a hairstyle for the workplace can be a daunting task. Not only do you need to go over the basic guidelines provided in your professional setting, but you’ll want to effectively communicate your drive and passion with your look. There are a variety of hairstyles to think through, but ultimately … Read more

Best Hair Rollers for Volume: Products and Tips for Using

Can You Create Voluminous Curls Without the Heat? People with fine and/or thin hair, or those dealing with thinning hair, constantly seek ways to make their hair appear fuller. People who have straight hair that simply hangs want to find ways to rejuvenate their locks. Some people experiment with volumizing haircuts, some try various styling … Read more

Steps for Faux Braids and Braided Updos of Your Dreams

So, you’re here, which probably means braiding for beginners and intermediate methods weren’t of interest to you. Perfect! Landing in the Faux Braid section just means you want to get started without the pains of a learning curve, and darling, there is nothing wrong with that. Steps for a Simple Knotted Faux Braid This style … Read more

Braiding and Overnight Treatments for Healthy Hair

Braiding has been around for a very long time, 5000 years. The origins come from African heritage where braids went beyond being a mere style and were used as methods to communicate between tribes regarding heritage, cultural values, status and so much more. Beginning with this rich history, braids continued throughout time to engage with … Read more

Easy DIY Braiding Techniques for Hair 2022

Hair braiding is a beautiful technique for both the style and health of your hair. But chances are you’ve experienced a bit of a learning curve with the three-strand braid, a technique that so many people were introduced to growing up. Do you remember the feeling you had once you finally mastered it? Like tying … Read more

What Curling Iron is Best for Beach Waves?

For years beach waves have been the go-to trend for that “lived-in” hairstyle. It’s an effortless look that fits everyone and can transcend a myriad of clothing choices. But is “easy” the name of the game with this look? Women often ask, “how can I create beach waves with a curling iron?” Or “What tool … Read more

What Are Hair Edges and How to Control Them?

If you’ve been scrolling down your Instagram feed or have been paying attention to the red carpet these past few years, then you know that edge styling and edge art have been booming in popularity. Although edge styling has been around for a long time, popular celebrities such as FKA Twigs and Yara Shahidi have … Read more

Hot Comb vs Flat Iron, How to Use Straightening Comb, and Tips for Purchasing

What is a Hot Comb? A hair straightening comb is a styling tool used to make coarse hair smoother and frizz-free. Earlier models had metal teeth and were designed to be heated on the stove. Modern straightening combs are heated with electricity and have ceramic heating elements and multiple temperature settings. The heating plates have … Read more