Titanium Flat Irons: Advantages and Options

Today’s hair iron plates come in a wide array of materials, including ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline. Though each of these materials has its benefits, if you’re in the market for a flat iron that will fully straighten your hair without taking all day, you may want to consider titanium plates. Titanium is a popular coating … Read more

Advantages of Ionic Hair Dryers

Conventional hair dryers use hot air to speed up water evaporation and dry your hair. The downside of these devices is that they emit plenty of positively charged ions, which cause the cuticle to lift up, allowing natural moisture to escape. Hot air combined with positive ions can make your hair appear dry, static, and … Read more

The Best Hot Air Brush for Your Hair Type

The latest style-perfecting gadget is a hot airbrush, which is a hairdryer and a round brush in one device. This versatile product blows hot air through a vented barrel to finish drying your hair while you style it. The hot airbrush is not designed to replace your regular hair dryer because it doesn’t have enough … Read more