Creative Ways to Decorate Your Dreads

Dreads are a fancy hairstyle for anyone to sport and rock with any outfit. They are worn by men and women in different shapes, styles, and sizes. However, many people are interested in cool and attractive ideas on how to decorate dreads. If you’re interested in learning how to add dreadlock accessories to your hair, … Read more

What are Hair Edges and How to Control them?

If you’ve been scrolling down your Instagram feed or have been paying attention to the red carpet these past few years, then you know that edge styling and edge art have been booming in popularity. Although edge styling has been around for a long time, popular celebrities such as FKA Twigs and Yara Shahidi have … Read more

Titanium Flat Irons: Advantages and Options

Today’s hair iron plates come in a wide array of materials, including ceramic, titanium, and tourmaline. Though each of these materials has its benefits, if you’re in the market for a flat iron that will fully straighten your hair without taking all day, you may want to consider titanium plates. Titanium is a popular coating … Read more