Anti-Static Hair Brushes: Benefits, Related Products, and Your Questions Answered

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Let’s face it, static is no one’s friend. If you’ve ever tangled with frizz or flyaway hairs, you already know how much havoc they can wreak on your favorite hairstyles and your overall look. During the cold and drier months, in particular, you might find that your tresses are harder to tame.

Maybe you’ve tried a host of trendy products and elixirs in an attempt to minimize the effects, or maybe you’ve had those days where you’ve found yourself reaching for a hat to cover up the whole situation.

If this is you, you aren’t the only one. Stylists and hair experts say static electricity is the culprit behind these common woes, causing strands of hair to act like repellent magnets and separate from one another, instead of lying smoothly together. Frequent blow drying or use of heat styling tools can be a factor in amping up static electricity, as can lack moisture or environmental damage.

But before you give up entirely, we’ve got one more solution for you to consider: anti-static hair brushes. If you’ve never tried a brush designed specifically for preventing static, you might be missing out. Here’s what you need to know:

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How do Hair Brushes Cause Static?

The secret behind anti-static brushes is often in the materials used to create them.

Plastic brushes are definitely the worst choice for hair that is prone to static. When you brush your hair with a plastic brush, negative charges are transferred from the hair to the brush, leaving your hair positively charged. Positively charged hairs repel each other and end up standing out straight from the scalp. Since plastic is not conductive, it cannot help to discharge static electricity from your hair.

Plastic brushes are usually cheap and roughly finished, so they don’t glide smoothly through the hair. In addition to flyaway hair, low-quality plastic brushes can cause damage and breakage.

What Brush Materials Don’t Cause Static?

Brushes with wooden pins don’t create static and can provide you with a relaxing scalp massage. A brush with boar bristles and a wooden handle is not only super gentle on the hair but it can help with the static. Brushes infused with ionic minerals are considered one of the best options for flyaway hair. Other recent innovations related to anti-static brushes include refillable treatment sheets infused with a conditioning formula that works like an anti-static laundry sheet.

With a quality anti-static brush, you can use fewer anti-static hair products. This way you will protect your scalp from chemicals and save money in the long run.

Ready to try this whole static-fighting thing for yourself? Here are a few products we love and recommend to help you get started:

1. Soft on the Hair and Scalp: Wooden Brushes for Flyaway Hair?

Wood brushes have a neutral charge, and they barely create any static. Wooden bristles help distribute natural oils down the shaft and leave hair with a great shine while improving blood circulation in the scalp area.  When purchasing a wood brush, choose one that is completely made of natural materials and has well-polished bristle tips.

Comfortable when detangling: If you have curly hair that easily gets tangled, you may want to consider Bass Brushes. These brushes have widely spaced bamboo bristles that slide through the hair smoothly, which makes them perfect for curly hair that is prone to tangles and static.

Very giftable: TEK wood hair brushes are made in Italy and have a very attractive design. These brushes are FSC certified, hypoallergenic, and antistatic.

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2. Planet-Friendly: Bamboo Hair Brushes

Hair brushes with a bamboo handle and bamboo bristles are earth-friendly styling tools that help reduce the use of plastic. Bamboo bristles don’t create static, while rounded tips gently massage your head, making brushing your hair a pleasant experience.

To prolong the life of a bamboo hair brush, make sure to avoid excessive water exposure.

Hair brushes with a bamboo handle and metal bristles are another option to get rid of staticky hair. A smooth bamboo handle feels comfortable in your hand, while conductive bristles help with releasing static that is already present in the hair.

Comfortable grip and good scalp massage: BFWood Bamboo Hair Brush with Steel Bristles promises to make your smooth and frizz-free while massaging the scalp and stimulating blood flow.

A girl brushing hair with a bamboo hairbrush in front of the mirror

3. Say, “Good-Bye” to Annoying Static: Hair Brushes with Ionic Bristles

Ionic brushes are infused with ionic minerals so that they emit negatively-charged ions during hair brushing. Negative ions tame flyaway hair with a few strokes making your hair look much smoother and shinier than when you are using plastic brushes.

Lightweight detangling brush: Moroccanoil Ceramic Paddle Brush works well for detangling and blow-drying. Your hair will feel luxurious and silky after brushing. Plus, it comes with a little sectioning (and brush cleaning) tool stored inside the handle.

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4. Tame your Mane: Anti-Static Brushes with Refillable Treatment Sheets

The ForBabs X-Static is the world’s first anti-static hairbrush with refillable anti-static sheets incorporated into the brush. Fabric layers below the bristles are coated with an anti-static conditioner that helps eliminate static electricity and make hair smoother.

When you brush your strands, anti-static sheets below the bristles work to tame flyaways. Each conditioning sheet will last 3-5 days, depending on how often you brush your hair. After several uses, you can simply remove the top layer revealing another fresh sheet underneath. When sheets run out, remove the used brush head and replace it with the refill brush head that comes with 12 tear-off sheets.

Anti-Static Hair Combs for Shiny, Tangle-Free Hair

In addition to causing snagging and pulling, plastic combs can give you unpleasant “static shock.” The best way to prevent breakage and static is to switch to a plastic-free alternative.

Antistatic hair combs are commonly made of carbon fibers or sandalwood. Both those two options have their advantages.

The wood comb bristles equally distribute natural oils down the hair shaft and provide a massaging effect to your scalp.

Carbon fiber is naturally antistatic, lightweight, and resistant to heat and chemicals.

Although wood combs can look more attractive, carbon fiber combs are easier to use and maintain.

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