Steps for Faux Braids and Braided Updos of Your Dreams

So, you’re here, which probably means braiding for beginners and intermediate methods weren’t of interest to you. Perfect! Landing in the Faux Braid section just means you want to get started without the pains of a learning curve, and darling, there is nothing wrong with that. Steps for a Simple Knotted Faux Braid This style … Read more

What Are Lowlights and Will they Work for Your Hair?

I’m just going to come right out and say it, lowlights are sexy. They’re sort of the mysterious and understated counterpart to a highlight. Remember in the ’90s when the clothing fashion trend was a short, silky slip dress underneath an oversized blazer? The first thing you saw was the blazer. Chunky and cute, it … Read more

What Is the Best Flat Iron for Silk Press?

What is Silk Press? Silk pressing transforms naturally textured hair into straight, silky, shiny locks without permanently changing hair texture. The result is temporary, and hair will return to its original shape with shampooing. This treatment is perfect for temporarily straightening curly or coiled hair, adding some length without using relaxers or other chemical straightening … Read more