How to Fix Split Ends: Prevention, Treatments, and Products

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What are Split Ends?

Split ends occur when a hairpiece splits in two or into multiple parts. The tips are part of the hair that is most prone to the appearance of split ends. However, the hair can split anywhere, and one hair strand can split at multiple points.

The presence of split ends in the hair is inevitable and normal. However, too many split ends can make hair look unhealthy, frizzy, and less shiny. Hair with split ends is prone to tangles and breakage, making it hard to achieve the desired length.

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What Causes Split Ends?

Split ends are a sign that your hair is weak and brittle and the most common causes for this condition are:

Excessive heat: Frequent use of hot styling tools such as hair straighteners, curlers, and blow dryers can leave hair dry and damaged. The chance for damage is higher if you use these tools frequently and set them at high temperatures. The damage is also more likely and severe if you don’t use heat protection or use low-quality appliances.

Physical manipulation: Harsh rubbing with a towel when towel-drying hair can create tangles and disrupt the cuticles, increasing the possibility of splitting. Rough combing, while the hair is wet and without using a detangler, can make locks vulnerable and prone to splitting and breakage. Vigorous brushing of dry hair can lift the cuticles and result in the appearance of frizz and split ends.

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Chemical treatments: Bleaching and frequent coloring dry out hair and disrupt the cuticles, leaving hair weakened and less resistant to damage due to physical manipulation. Chemical treatments such as hair straightening, and permanent waving have a negative impact on hair health and elasticity. Since the ends of your locks have been exposed to chemicals longer than other parts, they are the most vulnerable part of your hair.

Over-shampooing: Washing your hair too often, especially if you use strong sulfate-based shampoos can strip your hair of its natural oils. Natural oils create a protective barrier that helps retain moisture inside the hair. Dry and overly porous hair loses its moisture easily and becomes inelastic and prone to breakage and split ends.

10 Tips to Prevent Hair Splitting

  1. Avoid washing your hair daily and use only sulfate-free shampoos.

2. Give your hair a break from heat styling. When you do use hot styling tools, set the temperature on low settings, and make sure to use a heat protectant.

3. Buy quality appliances and use the necessary attachments when blow-drying your hair.

blow dryer with the attachments

4. Stay away from harsh chemical treatments and use gentle alternatives when possible.

5. Don’t over-use bleach and let a hair professional lighten your hair. Use semi-permanent dyes for experimenting with colors.

6. Apply a deep conditioner once a week and use a leave-in conditioner to moisture your thirsty ends.

7. Do pre-shampoo treatments to prevent the drying effect of hair shampooing.

8. Go to the salon every 8 – 12 weeks to get your ends trimmed.

9. Be gentle when towel-drying, combing, or brushing your hair.

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10. Use bond-building hair products to repair damage due to heat styling and coloring.

How to Remove Split Ends?


Trimming off half an inch of your hair every eight to ten weeks is the best way to get rid of split ends. Your hair will still grow because the average hair growth rate is 1 to 1.5 cm per month.

After careful trimming, you need to use the right products to prevent split ends from occurring. You also must avoid hair care routines that lead to the appearance of split ends.

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Split End Menders

Although split ends cannot be permanently repaired, some hair products such as hair serums, smoothing balms, and leave-in conditioners can be used to “glue” split ends together and fix them temporarily. This makes split ends less noticeable and prevents them from progressing.

1. Brazilian Blowout Split End Professional Repairing Solution Treatment

This treatment promises to repair split ends instantly and to prevent future damage to hair. The treatment takes about 10 minutes, providing 4 weeks of healthier and stronger ends.

The treatment works best on chemically processed, porous hair. For optimum results, it should be performed after coloring or other chemical services.

The formula uses a proprietary Thermo-Marine Bonding System™ – a heat-activated protein to create a protective layer around the hair shaft.

Key Benefits

  1. The Split End Repair Treatment performed after a haircut service keeps your hair cut looking salon fresh.
  2. The treatment instantly mends split ends and helps prevent progressive damage.
  3. It smoothens the damaged cuticles, eliminates frizz, and makes your hair appear healthier.
  4. By reducing breakage, it helps your hair grow longer.

How to Perform the Treatment:

  1. Wash your hair as normal. Apply the product to towel-dried hair using a color application brush. The solution should be applied to the lower portion of your hair up to about two inches above your ends.
  2. Use a wide-tooth comb to spread the product evenly through the ends. You should use no more than ¼ oz. unless you have very long, thick hair or extremely damaged ends.
  3. Blow-dry your hair until it is completely dry using a boar bristle round brush. Keep the blow dryer 2-3 inches away from your hair to minimize steam.
  4. Take 1” to 1 ½” sections of your hair and flat iron the bottom part of each section to thermally seal the ends. Glide the straightener over the ends 2-3 times with loose tension.

Once the product is sealed onto the hair shaft, your treatment is complete. You may wash your hair and style it the way you want.

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2. ORIBE Split End Seal Beautiful Color Treatment

This is a silkening hair serum, split-end mender, and color protectant in one product. The product claims to repair up to 94% of split ends after one use.

Active ingredients and benefits:

  • A polymer blend binds damaged ends together, preventing them from going further up the hair shaft.
  • Amino acids from the Carob Tree adhere to the hair shaft to repair damage and strengthen hair fibers.
  • Heat-Activated Vegetable Protein boosts moisture and protects your hair against damage from styling tools.
  • Olive, Jojoba, Moringa Seed, and Baobab oils add intense shine and provide antioxidant protection.
  • Artichoke Leaf Extract blocks harmful free-radicals and improves the strength and overall quality of the hair.
  • Edelweiss Flower extracts protect the hair from UV damage and prevent color fading.
  • Watermelon and Lychee extracts prevent deterioration of natural keratin, boost shine, and promote hair growth.

Suggested use: Apply to damp hair in a downward motion before you start blow-drying. You can also apply it to dry hair either before or after styling.

3. Marrakesh Endz Lotion

This product is formulated to seal and condition dry ends and prevent future splitting.

The ingredients with reparative and nourishing properties include Argan Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, and Panthenol.

Key Benefits

  • While some leave-in conditioners can leave hair looking dirty, this lightweight one instantly absorbs into your hair without making it flat or oily.
  • This split end mender enhances shine and controls frizz and static. It leaves hair soft and easy to brush.
  • This lotion is cruelty-free, safe for color-treated hair, and smells heavenly.

Suggested use: Apply a small quantity either to wet or dry hair, focusing on the bottom part of your hair. Gently press into the ends. Style as desired.

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4. Fanola Nutri Care Restructuring Fluid Crystals

This split end mender contains bonding agents that work to fix split ends and make your hair smooth and easy to style.

It works best for curly, wavy, frizzy, unruly, permed, and damaged hair.

Aloe Vera and Linseed oil provide the hair with moisture and soothe an itchy scalp.

Suggested use: Apply either to damp or dry hair. A few drops of this restructuring fluid will smooth damaged ends and infuse your hair with a gorgeous shine.

5. Redken Unisex Extreme Length Sealer Treatment

This product is designed to repair damaged hair and seal split ends to help you grow longer hair.

Ingredients: Biotin is included in the formula to strengthen and deeply condition your locks. A blend of ingredients called Interlock Protein Network infuses your hair with protein and amino acids to restore the inner strength of your hair, repair weak spots, and bond split ends.

The product adds shine to overprocessed hair and tames frizz and puffiness.

Suggested use: Apply the product to the most damaged areas of your hair, using the provided application brush, or use your fingers to apply it to mid-lengths and ends. Re-apply after each wash because the effects last only until the next shampoo.

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