Gentle Amino Acid Hair Smoothing Treatments

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How Amino Acids Make Hair Stronger?

Amino acids are small molecules that connect to form larger protein molecules. Amino acids are found naturally in your hair as building blocks of keratin which is a hard, fibrous, and extremely strong protein responsible for healthy hair. Hair proteins are made of 21 amino acids including cysteine, proline, arginine, serine, half-cystine, threonine, cysteic acid, lysine, alanine, glycine, valine,  glutamic acid, leucine, and aspartic acid.

Aging, environmental damage, genetics, chemical processing, and a lack of important nutrients can deplete vital proteins in the hair. The lost amino acids can be reintroduced to the hair by incorporating them into hair products. When these products are applied to the hair, amino acid molecules help promote moisture retention and make hair stronger and healthier.

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Is Amino Acid Smoothing Treatment Safe for your Hair?

Amino acid-based smoothing treatments are generally much safer than formaldehyde-based keratin treatments. Most amino acid smoothing treatments are free of hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde and formaldehyde derivatives. These treatments utilize amino acids to give you smooth, frizz-free, and shiny hair.

Amino acid hair smoothing treatments can be used on all types of hair, but they will provide the best results when used on dry, frizzy, or damaged locks. These smoothing treatments can be safely used on hair that has undergone a chemical treatment, such as coloring, perm, keratin treatment, or permanent hair straightening. Amino acid treatments don’t break the hair bonds that determine the shape of your strands, so you shouldn’t expect pin-straight hair. Amino acid treatments make hair smoother and straighter, but you can still get curls after the treatment.

Amino Acid-Based Smoothing Treatments

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1. Agave Smoothing Treatment 

This in-salon smoothing treatment promises to instantly eliminate frizz, tame unruly strands, and reduce curl retention by 80%. It will make slightly wavy hair completely straight, while tight curls will be about 50% looser.

The smoothing formula uses carbo-c, an amino acid complex derived from agave leaf extract. This active ingredient gently alters the disulfide bonds, making the hair sleeker and smoother for up to three months.

The best candidates for receiving this treatment are individuals who want to tame frizz and cut their styling time without sacrificing their curls.

The procedure takes about two hours depending on the hair length, type, and texture.

Agave Smoothing Treatment can be performed two weeks after receiving a chemical treatment such as permanent waving, relaxing, or keratin treatment.

The color application can be done on the same day after performing the Agave Smoothing Treatment. Most stylists suggest getting Agave Smoothing Treatment immediately after coloring or highlighting service because the treatment locks in the color and nourishes your hair after coloring.

Benefits of Agave Smoothing Treatment

No harmful chemicals: This defrizzing and smoothing treatment is an exceptional alternative to formaldehyde-based keratin straightening treatments. The formula doesn’t use formaldehyde or aldehyde, so there are no toxic fumes to breathe. This treatment is safe for you, your stylist, and all salon visitors.

No waiting time: You don’t have to wait two or three days before washing your hair. After getting the treatment, you will only need to allow twenty minutes for the smoothing process to complete. Then you can wash your hair any time after waiting for twenty minutes.

Improved manageability: Your hair will be much easier to manage after receiving the Agave Smoothing Treatment. You will need less time than usual to blow-dry the hair and it also takes less effort to achieve your desired style.

Better frizz control: This treatment will make your hair much more resistant to weather and increasing humidity in the atmosphere. If you get caught in unexpected rain, you won’t end up with a wild head of frizz.

Better color retention: When used over existing color, the Agave Smoothing Treatment will enhance the color, while also slowing down the color fading process.

Styling versatility: Unlike some chemical-based hair straightening treatments, you will still be able to create beautiful curls after the service.


The effects of agave smoothing treatment should last up to 3 months depending on your hair type and how you follow aftercare instructions. Your stylist may suggest you purchase Agave Shampoo and Conditioner. To avoid stripping the treatment from your hair, you must avoid shampoos, conditioners, or styling products that contain sodium chloride and harsh sulfates.

2. Pravana Perfection SmoothOut

(Available at Walmart)

Creators of Pravana Perfection SmoothOut promise that the treatment will instantly and safely transform coarse, frizzy strands into frizz-free, smooth, and manageable hair, with results lasting 8-12 weeks.

The treatment utilizes a proprietary nano-amino acid complex to smooth out the “S” shape curl pattern without using harmful chemicals. The nano-amino acid complex penetrates hair fibers and slightly stretches the hair’s natural bonds. Amino acid molecules also fill the gaps in the cuticle layer, transforming frizzy hair into smooth and glossy locks.

Pravana Perfection SmoothOut eliminates frizz, enhances shine, and makes your hair faster to dry and style. It reduces the unwanted volume and temporarily makes tight curls looser.

The treatment claims to be safe and effective for all types of hair including coarse, frizzy, and chemically treated hair.

Your hair can be colored on the same day as the Pravana Perfection SmoothOut service. It is advisable to apply color after the service because this smoothing treatment may cause hair color to fade to some degree.

You can shampoo and style your hair on the same day.

If you plan to do this treatment at home, be sure to follow the directions. You also may need an extra pair of hands since the procedure takes up to three hours.

3. Chi Enviro American Smoothing Treatment

This smoothing system is formulated with protein and an amino acid complex. The formula temporarily realigns bonds in hair fibers and improves hair condition, making it smoother, stronger, and easier to manage. The results last up to 4 months.

Depending on your starting hair texture, there are two options of the smoothing solution available:

1. CHI Enviro Smooth Treatment for Virgin and Resistant Hair

2. CHI Enviro Smooth Treatment for Highlighted Porous and Fine Hair

The procedure takes about two hours, depending on the length and density of your hair.

One potential drawback is that you should wait 48 hours before washing the hair. Also, wear your hair down and avoid pins, clips, elastics hair bands, and glasses for at least one week after treatment.

4. Texture Release System by Avlon

The Texture Release System is advertised to provide easier combing and more styling versatility for individuals with excessively curly hair. This treatment is a gentle alternative to using a relaxer.

The smoothing formula uses a blend of amino acids and conditioning agents which is thermally activated during blow drying and flat ironing stages.

The treatment makes hair smooth, resistant to humidity, and easy to comb and style. Your hair will feel healthier, softer, and stronger. You can wear either straight or natural styles.

The results last for up to 2 months.

This straightening system uses the thermal protecting mist before heat is applied to your hair. The smoothing formula is also complemented with styling products that help keep hair frizz-free and shiny.

The Texture Release Kit System includes:

  1. Texture Release Nourishing Cleansing Shampoo
  2. Texture Release Thermal Protecting Mist
  3. Texture Release Releasing Lotion
  4. Texture Release Curl Shape & Shine Cream

It is advisable to wait three to five days after the service before using hair coloring products.

5. The BASIC One-Step Smoothing System

The One-Step Smoothing System offers more manageability and styling versatility for people with curly hair. It repairs, strengthens, and smooths the hair using amino acids in conjunction with heat.

The One-Step Smoothing System does not break bonds in the hair. Instead, it temporarily elongates your natural curls. This treatment repairs and seals damaged cuticles to eliminate frizz and create silky smooth hair. The system enables you to easily create straight styles while allowing you to wear your hair curly when you want.

The application procedure is simpler compared to other smoothing or straightening treatments. If your goal is not straight hair, the treatment can be performed without the flat ironing stage. Due to the very acidic pH value (1,5) of the One-Step Smoothing Foam, the manufacturer recommends wearing gloves during product application.

The procedure can be customized to give you the desired results. To make hair straighter, your stylist will use higher heat and do more passes with a flat iron. Using less heat helps retain the natural curl pattern.

The effects last for up to 12 shampoos.

The One-Step Smoothing System can be used on any type of hair, including previously chemically treated hair. It is perfect for people who go from relaxed to natural hair.

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6. Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy System

This is one of the safest and most effective amino-acid-infused straightening treatments. This treatment strengthens, straightens, and tames unmanageable, curly, multi-textured, transitioning, and frizzy hair. The hair stays smooth, shiny, and manageable for up to 3 months.

Depending on the hair type and desired results, one of three types of smoothing products can be used:

  1. Strengthening Therapy Elongation Mousse (maximizes the natural curl length)
  2. Strengthening Therapy Transitioning Mousse (provides maximum smoothness)
  3. Strengthening Therapy Silkening Spray (reduces breakage and shedding)

8. Thermafuse f450 Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment

Amino Fusion Smoothing Treatment by Thermafuse uses a proprietary blend of amino acids to reduce unwanted volume up to 100% and to tame curls up to 80%.

This smoothing formula claims to provide excellent manageability, shine, and frizz control for all types of hair. It is designed for people who struggle with unwanted volume, and frizzy, or unmanageable curly hair. The smoothing effects last up to 12 weeks.

You can shampoo your hair, exercise, or go swimming immediately after the treatment.

More brands to consider: 4D SMOOTH by MAT Cosmetics, Plus Keratin 3 Smoothing Treatment by JAS, Protein & Omega-3 Smoothing Treatment by Blondis New York, and Gold Keratin Protein Deep Maintenance Treatment by KERATIN USA.

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