Temporary Hair Dyes You Can Use on Dark Hair without Bleaching

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People with light hair can easily change how they look by using temporary hair dyes. The results can be seen immediately and they can easily switch to different hair colors.

However, if your hair is on the darker side and you want to play with different hair colors, it may be hard to find a temporary hair dye that will show up on your hair without bleaching. Most temporary hair dyes don’t work well on brunette hair as the color is too subtle.

Although the options are limited, it is not impossible to add fun colors to your dark locks. There is still a range of temporary hair dyes for dark hair that can create a cool effect on dark locks, giving you an instant party look. It does take a little bit more investigation to find available and affordable products that work without involving bleach. Also, remember that the color may take a bit more effort to show up the way you want it.

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Colored Hairsprays for Dark Hair

Colored hairspray is the easiest way to cover broad areas of hair. Some brands of temporary hair sprays work on all color shades. If you are a brunette, you may need to apply an extra amount to get the color to show up.

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1. Color Hair Spray by Graftobian is a professional, transfer-resistant formula made in Germany. Several shades are suitable for covering newly grown or thinning hair but you can also purchase red, green, purple, silver, or white color. All these colors show up well on dark hair.

2. Temporary Hair Color Spray by Jerome Russell comes in many vivid colors that work beautifully on dark hair. The product has a mild and pleasant scent. The color is easy to spray in and wash out.

Drawback: The color can rub on the skin and can also get on your clothing. Once you apply it, refrain from touching your hair.

3. Dark and Lovely Go Intense Color Sprays by SoftSheen-Carson is available in 7 shades. This color spray works well on dark hair. The color appears more vivid in daylight than indoors. The product is easy to apply and washes out completely with shampoo.

Drawback: The color rubs off easily and the product can leave your hair feeling stiff.

Hair Chalks for Brunette Hair

Hair chalks work great for putting streaks of vibrant color in your hair. They produce the brightest results on light-colored hair. It takes patience to get them to show up on brunette hair. If you are a brunette, chalk markers will suit your hair better than hair chalk sticks.

1. Arteza Temporary Hair Chalk Pens are supposed to work on every hair color. Most colors show up well on dark hair, giving you gorgeous, muted pastel hair colors.

2. Hair Chalk Set by Philonext offers hair chalks with a rotating head to control the length. This makes the application more convenient and less messy for your hands. This chalk can be applied to clean, dry hair of any color but it will look brighter when applied to light hair.

Colored Hair Pomades

1. Joyous Hair Dye Wax by Silvercell is a strong-hold hairstyling product designed to color your hair instantly. It comes in gray, purple, red, blue, and golden shades. The colors show up well on dark hair.

Drawback: This product may leave your hair feeling sticky, and the color may bleed onto your skin.

2. White Hair Wax by HailiCare allows you to style and temporarily color your hair simultaneously. The color will show up well on your brunette hair, but you may have to use much of the product to get the desired color.

Drawback: It stains your hands and can leave your hair feeling hard and stiff.

Colored Hair Gels for Dark Hair

1. Moon Glow – Blacklight Neon UV Hair Gel comes in several UV colors that glow under blacklight. The colors are visible in natural light also. The color shows up well on darker hair, but you may have to apply a more generous amount of the product to get a bright color.

Hair Makeup 1-Day Color

1. Colorista Hair Makeup by L’Oreal is an innovative jelly formula that offers a palette of 10 shades for brunettes. Although some shades are made exclusively for brunettes, the colors look subtle on very dark hair.

This makeup for hair is not suitable for full head hair color, but it allows you to have one-day hair highlights. The application is not messy and once dry the color is transfer resistant. To apply, you must massage the drops of color into the tips of your hair and comb through them.

Drawback: The product may leave your hair feeling sticky and greasy.

Colored Clip in Hair Extensions

These small pieces of hair come in multiple colors. You just need to snap them into your hair to get the vibrant rainbow colors that look super bright against dark hair. These colorful pieces are great for experimenting with different colors without having to dye your hair.

Drawback: These clip-ins can easily get tangled.

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