Tips for the Perfect Blowout at Home

at-home blowout

Nothing makes a woman feel more attractive than a fresh salon blowout. However, getting a gorgeous, shiny blowout doesn’t mean you have to go to a salon.

A salon pro blowout can be achieved at home if you have the right tools and you know how to blow dry your hair.

The following tips ensure the perfect at-home blowout that you can create on your own, easily and affordable.

How to Properly Blow Dry Your Hair

  1. Comb the hair using a w
  2. ide-tooth comb to remove all the knots and tangles. Make sure that your hair is tangle-free before shampooing, as this will help you while blow-drying it.
  3. Wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and follow with a conditioner. A moisturizing shampoo will lock in moisture and prevent the hair from over-drying when you blow-dry it.
  4. Apply a conditioner to the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Avoid applying conditioner to your roots as it can leave your blowout looking flat. Be sure to rinse away your conditioner thoroughly as residues will weigh down your hair and ruin your blowout.
  5. Towel dry your hair to absorb excess moisture. Microfiber towels are ultra-absorbent and dry quicker than the cotton ones. Simply cover your hair and allow it to dry for 15 minutes under a towel turban. Don’t rub a towel against your hair as the scrubbing movement can create friction and static and make your hair frizzy.
  6. Don’t blow dry your hair in the misty bathroom. High humidity can cause frizz. Open the bathroom door prior to drying or move to a room with a good mirror and no humidity.
  7. Use a professional hairdryer with a volumizing attachment and multiple heat settings. Dryers with ceramic and ionic technology have the ability to dry quickly, reducing damage and eliminating frizz. If your hair is flat, skip the ionic setting.
  8. Use a brush made of heat-resistant material. Metal brushes heat up quickly and can be damaging to the hair. A boar bristle brush has the right tension to make hair smooth and shiny. Round bristle-brush is best for giving some lift and creating volume, while a paddle brush works better for straightening and creating a sleek and straight look.
  9. Turn your hairdryer to the medium heat setting and rough-dry hair in circular motions. Massage your roots with fingers while drying, to get them more lift. Continue to work your fingers through the hair until your hair is about 75% dry.
  10. Brush out your hair and divide it into four to six sections using the clips to hold the hair in place. Work with small sections starting from the tough parts. Combine the section you have finished with the still damp section and blow dry them together. Blending the hair together creates a more natural shape.
  11. Apply a blow-dry spray with added heat protection properties to prevent hair damage during the blow-drying. Applying blow-dry spray to damp hair makes it easier to distribute the product evenly and will also help in minimizing damage to the hair.
  12. Be sure to keep the dryer at a distance of a minimum of 6 inches away from your hair to protect your hair and scalp from getting burnt.
  13. Make sure to have a diffuser nozzle at the end of the blow dryer. This helps control the air stream, prevents hair from burning, and reduces the appearance of frizz.
  14. If you need to spend some extra time on certain areas of your hair, use the lowest heat setting to avoid damage and prevent the hair from over-drying.
  15. Keep the hair dryer moving constantly to avoid focusing on a single spot. This helps prevent over-drying and uneven texture.
  16. Point the nozzle down and follow the natural direction of the hair, from root to tip. This closes the cuticle and keeps your hair smooth. Blow drying your hair upwards will ruffle the cuticle, causing a frizzy mess.
  17. If your arms get tired easily, start drying your hair from the front pieces, because the front pieces are the most important for creating the perfect look.
  18. Practice a mix of cool and hot air. The heat from the blow dryer causes the hair cuticle to open which allows you more control over your hair. Cold blasts close and seal down the cuticle for an extra shiny finish and help eliminate static.
  19. Once you’ve finished drying your hair, blast it with a shot of cold air while gently brushing it. This will align the cuticle, add extra shine and help the style to set.
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