Purple Hair Masks for Bright and Nourished Blonde Hair

Why do Blondes Need Purple Toning Products?

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After a few weeks of color appointments, you notice that your gorgeous blonde hair starts to turn brassy or yellowish. Light-colored hair is prone to discoloration because the bleaching process leaves hair incredibly porous. Chemical processing opens up the cuticle which allows the controlling pigment to wash out from the hair.

Porous hair soaks up environmental elements, minerals in the water, and chemicals in hair care products. The brassy tones in blonde hair can also be caused due to using harsh shampoos, overusing heat-styling tools, and long-term sunlight exposure.

To ensure that your hair won’t turn brassy, you need some purple toning products in your bathroom cabinet. These products are infused with violet pigments, which temporarily remove the brassy tones, making blonde hair look brighter and more attractive.

If you have blonde, white, or highlighted hair that tends to turn brassy, purple toning products are a life-saver. Purple products can also be used on naturally blonde hair to banish yellow and brassy tones that develop over time.

Purple Toning Masks

Purple masks are formulated with violet pigments to remove unwanted yellow and brassy tones while nurturing your gorgeous blonde hair.

The violet pigments help cancel out the yellow like any other color that counteracts the directly opposite color on the color wheel.

What is Great about Using a Purple Mask

  • A purple mask reduces the brassiness in blonde hair, making the color appear bright and fresh as you’ve just come out of the salon.
  • It enhances cool tones and keeps your highlights looking fresh and beautiful.
  • Using purple masks allows you to stretch out the time between color appointments.

Advantages Over Purple Shampoos

  1. Purple masks have significant conditioning properties that you will not find in a purple shampoo. Thanks to their nourishing ingredients, these masks leave your hair feeling incredibly soft, which makes them suitable for overprocessed and damaged hair.
  2. Most purple shampoos tend to dry out the hair, while purple masks moisten hair and leave it nourished. A purple mask also leaves your hair soft, unlike a purple shampoo, which can be too harsh on bleached hair. In addition to toning your hair, a purple mask revitalizes your hair, making it healthier and stronger.
  3. Most purple shampoos use sulfate-based cleansing agents that are harsh on colored or chemically-straightened hair. Purple masks don’t contain sulfates, so they are gentle on colored and keratin-treated hair.
  4. If you have very coarse hair, a purple mask will make it softer and more manageable while toning it too.

Less Perfect Features

If you leave the purple mask on longer than needed, your hair may take on a bit of the lavender color, especially if you are a lighter blonde. If this happens, just wash your hair again using non-tinted shampoo and the color should fade away.

Extremely porous hair is prone to fast pigment absorption and is more likely to turn purple than normal or low-porosity hair.

On the other hand, some people intentionally leave the mask to sit on their locks for a little extra time in order to get a slight lilac hue.

How Should You Use a Purple Mask?

Although you can see the difference in the tone of your hair after just one use, one single application will not keep your color from getting brassy again. In order to keep your color looking fresh and to prevent brassiness from developing, you need to use a purple mask once a week. To make sure that you use your product correctly, read the directions or ask your hairdresser how you should use it.

What are the Best Purple Hair Masks?

1. Pravana The Perfect Blonde Purple Toning Masque (Amazon.com) promises to instantly neutralize unwanted brassy and yellow tones. This nourishing purple masque is specifically formulated to help maintain blonde hair color and blonde highlights.


  • Pravana purple masque does a wonderful job at toning and freshening bleached blonde hair.
  • It works great for maintaining the brightness of platinum blonde locks.
  • When used regularly, this purple mask ensures that your hair keeps a cool tone between color sessions.
  • It can diminish a good amount of the brassiness after just one use.
  • If you have good-quality water, this mask helps to tone down the brassy look and bring back a cool blonde color.
  • It leaves your hair feeling soft, nourished, and manageable.

How to use: Apply once a week to freshly shampooed hair. Leave it on for 5 minutes, then rinse it out. Don’t leave it on the hair for longer than 10 minutes, as your hair might take on a purple tint.

2. TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Violet Mask is developed to reduce brassy tones and add a lustrous shine to blonde, grey, or highlighted hair. It is formulated with a brightening complex, conditioning agents, and violet toners to create a smooth and shiny finish and keep blonde color looking fresh.

This great smelling mask also helps repair damage from bleaching while defending against future damage from heat and environmental factors.

Use weekly on clean, towel-dried hair, and work it into the mid-lengths and ends. Leave on your hair for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

3. Matrix Total Results Brass Off Mask is a treatment mask formulated to bring out cool tones in blonde hair. This mask uses intense violet pigments to neutralize brassy undertones and reveal clean blonde hair.

In addition to toning, this nourishing formula moisturizes your hair and protects fragile strands from heat damage and breakages.

Apply to wet hair while avoiding your scalp. Leave on the hair for 5 minutes.  Leave up to 10 minutes to tone down stubborn brassy tones. Rinse thoroughly.

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