The Best Overnight Curlers that Allow You to Sleep Comfortably

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Do you want fantastic curls but always end up with dry, damaged hair? Obtaining the curls of your dreams is possible without using hot tools that can damage your hair. All you need are overnight rollers. You put them in your hair before bedtime, and when you take them off in the morning, magical curls appear in your hair.

There are several types of heatless rollers that are comfortable enough to sleep in. People who like switching up their hairstyles will be happy to have them in their bathroom cabinets. These handy hair accessories keep you from using too much heat for styling and can save you time in the morning since you don’t have to use a curling iron before heading out the door.

Today, we are going to introduce the most common types of overnight rollers and related products that are worth your attention.

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1. Hair Curling Headband

These heatless curling accessories work with various textures, but you will get the best results with medium and long hair. The curling rod is made of flexible rubber or rubber foam wrapped in a smooth fabric.

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IENIN Heatless Curling Rod Headband

The kit comes with the curling rod headband, two hair scrunchies, and two claw clips. There are a lot of useful videos on YouTube and TikTok to help you shorten the learning curve.

You need to section your slightly damp hair into two parts. Put the ribbon over your head and fix it in place with the clip. Wrap your hair around the ribbon and secure it with a rubber band. Repeat this process on the other side of your head. Your voluminous curls will be ready in a couple of hours.

It would be more comfortable if you use this curling headband during the day while completing other tasks. If you are going to sleep with it, leave a small gap at the top of your head to reduce pulling the hair when tossing and turning.


  • Very portable
  • Doesn’t take much time to put it in
  • You can release curs without any snagging
  • Silky smooth fabric doesn’t cause friction  


  • Not very comfortable to sleep in, especially for side sleepers
  • Doesn’t work for short hair    

2. Foam Rollers

foam rollers

These rollers are made of a foam sponge and have a plastic snap that secures the rollers in your hair. Foam rollers are very comfortable to sleep in and don’t pull the hair when you move.

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Conair Soft Foam Rollers

This set consists of 48 soft foam rollers packed in a compact case. The rollers come in four different color-coded sizes. The smallest rollers are intended for short hair, while those with a larger diameter form loose curls in long hair and also give more volume to the hair.

You can use the rollers on dry or slightly damp hair. Roll the curler toward the scalp and secure it with the clip. For the best results, use a very small amount of moisture because soaking wet hair will take a very long time to dry.


  • Work well on all types of hair
  • Very comfortable to wear and sleep with them in
  • Create bouncy, long-lasting curls
  • The best rollers for vintage hair
  • Sturdier than competitors’ products  


  • The fasteners tend to snap off over time
  • Can’t grab and curl very short hair
  • The clamps tend to pull out hair when you are taking the rollers out  

3. Pillow Soft Rollers

These curlers have an inner metal wire core that is wrapped in foam and covered with fabric. The wire gives the curlers flexibility so that you can bend and secure them. They can be used on dry and damp hair, but the effect will be better if your hair is barely damp.      

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Aimin Hair Soft Overnight Hair Rollers

You get 30 pillow hair rollers in the package, and they are all the same size and are pretty thin. They can be used on all hair types but work best for creating tight curls. If you want looser curls, you should take two or three curlers and wrap the hair around them.

It is best to apply pillow curlers when your hair is 80%‒90% dry. Twist the hair, wrap it around the roller, and then bend the ends in opposite directions to secure it. It is recommended to put a net or scarf around the curlers to help them stay in place.


  • You can sleep comfortably with them in
  • Easy to use on all hair types
  • Create perfectly tight curls
  • Don’t pull your hair when you are taking them out  


  • Tend to slide out of the hair
  • Too thin for long hair or loose curls  

4. Satin Pillow Rollers

These curlers are made of foam covered in satin and have a plastic frame to secure them. Satin is the material that is gentlest to the hair. The satin coating helps reduce the drying and damaging effects of foam.

You will get 42 rollers in four different sizes, so you can choose the right roller for the desired size of your curls. If you are looking for a gentle alternative to traditional foam rollers, these might be worth trying.


  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Maintain moisture and protects your ends
  • Make nice shiny curls No tugging or pulling  


  • The plastic frame falls apart easily
  • Tend to slide off the hair        

5. Flexible Curling Rods

These rollers consist of iron wire wrapped in a layer of foam, and you can bend them to form different shapes. When you wrap your hair around the rollers and fasten them, you get a nicely defined curl. And, if you already have some curls in your hair, these bendy rollers can give you the definition you want.

FushoP Flexi Rods Set

The 42 flexible rollers in this set come in seven different diameters packed in a convenient zip-top bag. These rollers can be used either on dry or wet hair, but for the best results, it is recommended you slightly dampen your hair with a water mist sprayer.

Thanks to various sizes, they are suitable for all hair types and lengths. If your hair is long, use the largest rollers. For short hair, use rods that are thin in width. They work well on short hair, but your hair needs to be long enough to wrap around each rod.


  • Easy to use Fairly long-lasting curls
  • Good for all hair types Plenty of curlers in the package
  • Color coding for different sizes
  • A free shower cap included  


  • The rod sizes cannot be customized
  • It takes some time to get used to sleeping with them in
  • Your hair may get caught inside white caps at the end.
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