Do Hair Building Fibers Work for Thinning Hair?

Although it may seem kind of scary, it’s perfectly normal to lose around 50-100 strands of hair on a daily basis!

If you’re hyper-aware that your crowning glory is shedding more hair than you’re comfortable with losing, there could be a number of reasons why your locks are not looking lustrous.

Women can experience temporary hair loss (telogen effluvium) due to stress, low iron levels, diabetes, thyroid problems, hormone replacement therapy, recent childbirth, or eating disorders. As male and female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) runs in families, you can thank mom or dad for your current follicle concerns.

Fortunately, there is a practical, seamless, and hassle-free solution for rapidly transforming thinning hair into thicker and fuller hair that you’re proud to show off. For an amazing hair transformation that turns heads, you just need to shake up the bottle and apply hair thickening fibers. This product can make a dramatic difference in your appearance.

What is Hair Building Fiber?          

Commonly known as hair building fibers, hair thickening fibers, or keratin fibers for hair, this natural powder or spray hair loss solution adheres to the strands of your hair, to thicken and volumize the appearance of your hair-do, and to camouflage and conceal thinning areas.

Volumizing hair fibers are charged with static electricity to enable them to cling to existing hair strands and blend with your natural hair. They are undetectable when applied properly.

Made from 100% keratin that is naturally found in human hair, hair building fibers are available in an array of colors to flawlessly blend with your mane. Although hair thickening fibers were originally designed for men and women with thinning hair, this highly effective and fast-action product has quickly become a style influencer and fashionista favorite.

Are Hair Fibers Suitable for You?

Hair building fibers are designed to add density where hair mass is limited. if you deal with a thinning hear, keratin hair fibers are your secret weapon, and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

Hair thickening fibers can instantly:

  • Volumize baby fine hair
  • Minimize spots of missing hair
  • Camouflage thinning patches
  • Cover extension tracks
  • Enhance what you’ve already got
  • Boost your self-confidence

Limitations: Although hair fibers work like magic, all over the scalp application can’t produce a healthy full head of hair if there’s nothing there. You need to still have some hair on your scalp for the hair building fibers to stick to!

Brands with clean and natural ingredients: BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Fibers, FEBRON Hair Building Fibers, Alfy Hair Building Fibers, Dexe Hair Building Fibers (made of cotton), XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers, and Hair Illusion – 100% Natural Human Hair Fibers.

How Long do Hair Thickening Fibers Last?  

Although keratin fibers for hair look natural, they are not permanent and will wash out completely with a single shampooing. You’ll need to reapply hair building fibers after you’ve washed and dried your hair.

If you usually skip a day or two between washes, the hair building fibers will stay in place, provided that you use an umbrella in heavy rain, and don’t go swimming.

If you use keratin fibers for hair on a daily basis, for moderate camouflaging of thinning hair, an 1 Oz hair fiber supply can be used for 1-2 months (30-60 applications).

Are they Safe to Use?

Hair thickening fibers don’t interfere with the growth of the hair follicles. The 100% keratin fibers are made of the same protein material as your natural hair.

When applied to your thinning hair, the hair building fibers cling to the individual strands, without clogging the dermal layer of the skin on your scalp. Provided that your hair is in a healthy condition, premium-grade hair thickening fibers will not harm your hair and skin.

Some cheaper brands contain Ammonium Chloride– a product thickener that can irritate your skin.

How to Apply Hair Building Fibers

TOPPIK DEMO! YouTube video By Joanne Hopes

Hair building fibers that attach to your hair – to make it appear visibly thicker and fuller –are insanely easy to apply.

Start by choosing the shake or spray hair fibers that best match your hair color. For a natural-looking finish, apply two colors – the darker color as a base, and the lighter color on top.

For best results, always apply the thickening fibers to hair that is styling product free and bone dry. Hair styling products like gels, clays, pomades, etc can make it tricky for the hair building fibers to adhere to the strands of your hair. If you apply the hair fibers to damp or wet hair, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up with a soggy clump and poor adhesion.

On your first application, don’t apply too many hair fibers at once. For a natural effect, it’s best to apply a small amount. Applying the hair fibers in layers helps you determine whether or not you need to add more.

Apply a layer, and then comb lightly, or spread out the fibers with your fingertips.

For optimal hold, use an extra-strong fiber hold spray between layers. The spray must be completely dry before you apply the next layer.

Repeat the process – gradually building up the layers until you’re happy with the coverage. Gradual layering reduces the risk of clumping.

Once you’ve used keratin fibers for hair a few times, you’ll have the precision application process absolutely perfected.

Optional extras:

Speed up the hair fibers application by attaching a hair fiber applicator to the bottle of keratin fibers for hair. The applicator is great for precision application to thinning areas all over the scalp.

A hairline optimizer comb is ideal for creating a natural-looking hairline, as it spreads the fibers more evenly.

For longer-lasting results, use a fine mist fiber hold spray to strengthen the bond between your natural hair and the hair thickening fibers.

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