Hair Toppers Vs. Wigs: Which Will Work Better for You 

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There’s something so special about snapping that first clip to secure your wig or topper. It’s always followed by snapping just a few more around the perimeter of your head to secure the hair in place.

You look up, brush the hair back from your face, do a slight wiggle to adjust the part, and look at yourself for the first time with new eyes as your heart skips a beat.

Nothing really compares to the experience of seeing yourself for the first time with the hair of your dreams. Except for the anticipation along the way of picking out every aspect of your hairpiece to suit your look and lifestyle. There are many steps that can help you determine what works for you, but the biggest question is where to begin.

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With extensions being all the rage, wigs and toppers might not be your first thought. But there are certain advantages to wigs and toppers that make them worth looking at.

For starters, you’ll need to determine what you need most. Ask yourself, is it volume? Length? Full coverage? Is there a reason you may want a wig or topper vs. extensions? Such as, has your hair thinned evenly all over? Was there a percentage of hair loss? Was there chemical breakage? What’s your budget?

Knowing the answers to these types of questions will help you determine the hairpiece that suits you best.

What Is a Wig and What Can It Do for You?

A wig is a hair piece that provides full coverage, meaning all your natural hair will be underneath it, or it will act as your hair when natural hair is missing.

They are incredible structures and require skill and patience to create, whether they are made from real or synthetic hair.

For higher quality, selecting a wig made of real hair is the best option. These types of hairpieces can sometimes cost as much as thousands of dollars, but when taken care of, can last for a long time.

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When a wig is an essential piece of your daily self-care routine, getting one made of real hair sets you up for a great experience. You can wash, curl, style, and even get it dyed just as you would your natural hair. They also attach seamlessly to your head, blending in with your skin so no one can tell you’re wearing a wig at all.

Wigs provide complete, immediate perfection. But how does a wig differ from a hair topper?

What Is a Hair Topper and What Can It Do for You?

Hair toppers are much smaller hair pieces that only cover the small, top portion of your head. They are designed to add volume and fill in where your natural hair that is thin or broken on the sides in front of the ears.

A quality topper will blend in seamlessly with your natural hair. Often, they attach to your hair with pressure snap clips, but there are other methods of attachment to explore as well. Once it’s snapped in place, you can pull a small amount of your own hair out from underneath it, blending it in with the topper hair to make everything look natural.

The unique thing about toppers is they can be partnered with micro-fusion or tape-in extensions. What’s beneficial about this compared to a wig is how breathable the combination is. The topper is also easier to take on and off due to its size and weight. 

With natural hair toppers, you can get them dyed and highlighted just like natural hair. Make sure to have a professional with experience dye or highlight your hair topper to preserve its quality. 

Which is Better for Thinning Hair, a Topper or a Wig?

This will all depend on your situation. Are you just looking to experiment with your hair and try something new? Or are you looking for coverage because of thinning or balding hair?

Coverage: If you are at the beginning stages of hair loss or your hair is slowly starting to thin, then a hair topper would be the better option. Hair toppers are an excellent choice if you are experiencing hair loss or hair thinning at the top of your head or on your crown! They give you coverage at the top and that extra volume. But if your hair loss is more advanced or you are experiencing baldness, a wig will benefit you more.

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Color: When it comes to color, the hair topper you choose should match the color of your hair so that it can blend in and go unnoticed. With a wig, you have more freedom and can literally choose any color you want, whether it is brown or pink.

Timing: With a wig, you can style it before putting it on your head, saving a lot of time. A topper, on the other hand, takes more time to blend with your natural hair. So, it is all up to you when it comes to the timing factor.

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Damage to your own hair: Hair toppers are gentler to your own hair because you can apply hair products and your scalp can breathe.  But they can cause damage if you don’t use them properly. If your hair is already damaged, hair toppers that clip in might damage your hair further because your hair can’t handle the extra pressure. Be gentle with the removal of the topper. Don’t just rip it out because you are getting frustrated.

Which one is more comfortable: Hair toppers are more comfortable than wigs because they are lightweight and breathable. And for this reason, they are also great on those humid or hot summer days because there isn’t heavy hair to make you melt away with sweat.


Hair toppers are a great choice if you want a lightweight and more natural look and if you want to add some volume and body to your hair. Wigs are the better option when you need to cover the whole head. Plus, wigs are a great choice if you want to have fun and experiment with different colors. Make the choice that will satisfy your hair needs. Happy hair, happy life!

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