Clip-in Bangs: Refresh Your Hair Style Without Commitment

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Are you bored with your hairstyle and looking for a way to refresh your look? Cutting your bangs can be a great way to update your hairstyle and try something new. However, maintaining bangs can be a headache as they require frequent trims and daily upkeep. On top of all this maintenance, if you get tired of having bangs they will take forever to grow out. In the meantime, your outgrown bangs can be a nightmare to style.

How About Trying Fringe Hair Extensions?

If you want to try having bangs but are scared to have your hair cut, fringe hair extensions are a great temporary solution. They will meet your need for bangs and create the hairstyle you are looking for without having to chop your hair off. Not only are these commitment-free bangs super easy to attach and take off, but they are also comfortable to wear and can be easily blended with your real hair.

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Clip-in bang extensions are designed with one or more clips that attach them to the roots of your hair. The clips keep the bangs secure in place, even on a windy day.

Just like your own hair, you can trim your brand-new clip-in bangs to the desired length and thickness to fit your face and hairstyle. You can also style them in many ways to fit your liking.

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The Differences between Human and Synthetic Bang Extensions

Clip-in bangs come in two different hair types, human hair or synthetic hair, and each has its benefits. For instance, human hair bangs can be blow-dried, heat-straightened, and curled to create any hairstyle you like. However, some synthetic hair bangs are not heat-friendly, so make sure to read the instructions before applying any hot tool.

Another difference between human and synthetic bangs is the ability to apply color. Human hair bangs benefit from their ability to be dyed into any color you wish, while synthetic bangs won’t take color.

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Why are Clip-In Bangs Worth Trying?

  1. Great for testing: Bang hair extensions are a great way to test out bangs, both for length and shape, before committing to such a big change. If you love the idea of bangs but aren’t quite sure if it will be right for you, clip-in bangs are a perfect way to see how your bangs would look before you make “the chop”.
  2. Removable: Some women would love to have bangs, but they cannot get used to hair that continually touches their forehead and blocks their vision. Thankfully, this is not the case with temporary bangs! Since they are so easy to place and remove, you can simply wear these for as long as you want or need, and then simply take them off.
  3. Volume booster: Clip-in bangs will give more fullness and volume to fine or thinning hair. If you would like to fill in your thinning crown area, but do not want to wear a full wig, clip-in fringe bangs are a great compromise. They will instantly give the impression of fuller hair and are easily camouflaged in your hair.
  4. Can Hide imperfections: Did you accidentally cut your real bangs too short? Detachable bangs are the best answer to your problem. This clip-in fringe will add some extra length needed to hide your real bangs until they can grow back to your desired length. Or perhaps you are in a hurry on your way out of the house? Clip-in bangs are a great way to hide unwashed hair when you are rushed and want to look fantastic.
  5. Give you extra oomph: Bang hairpieces can instantly revamp your look when you want a completely different style. Not only do they work for all different hairstyles, but they can also make you look much younger. And you don’t need to worry about keeping your hair down to camouflage the clips! Temporary bangs look cute with a messy bun or a ponytail and are adorable when worn with a hat or headband.
  6. Complete your costume: Bang extensions are a great option for your next Halloween costume, special cosplay events, or costume party. You can even add bang extensions to your wig for even more flexibility and options. Enjoy being a chameleon and have fun wearing them!
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Interested in clip-in bangs, but not sure how much of a commitment to make? Why not buy a set of more affordable temporary bangs to test them and play around with different styles? Once you are sure about what you are looking for, buy a more luxurious product, and enjoy having bangs!

How to Blend Bang Extensions with your Natural Hair

The key to clip-in bangs is blending your temporary bangs with your hair to make sure no one knows your secret. A little creativity helps to make them look more realistic. Here are some tricks to make sure nobody will know that part of your hair is not yours.

  1. Color is everything. Make sure to color-match your temporary bangs to your hair color. If your bang extensions are made of human hair, dye them to achieve the perfect match.
  2. When you cut your clip-in bangs to the desired length, point the scissors vertically and cut them into the ends to soften the line and get a more textured look.
  3. Synthetic bangs can have a shine that is different from your natural hair. Use dry shampoo or baby powder to tone down the synthetic shine and match the texture of your natural hair.
  4. Use colored dry shampoo for a better color match between the clip-in bangs and your hair if needed.
  5. Wear a headband or scarf at the clip location to mask imperfect matches in color and texture.
  6. Run your fingers through the bangs or fluff lightly with a brush to blend the bangs into the rest of your hair.
  7. Secure the clips onto the roots of your hair, and then brush your hair over the clips to make them invisible.
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