How to Purchase the Best Keratin Shampoo

Keratin is a fibrous structural protein naturally found in our hair, skin, and nails. Human hair consists of keratin (up to 90%) and also small amounts of lipids, water, and pigments. The middle layer of hair- the cortex– is made of keratin proteins that keep hair strong end elastic. Keratin protein in the cuticle layer protects the cortex from damage caused by thermal styling, chemical processing, and prolonged sun exposure.

When the keratin in the cuticle layer is depleted, the cuticle is unable to provide protection for the cortex. Damaged hair loses its strength and elasticity and becomes porous, brittle, and prone to frizz.

Benefits of Keratin-Infused Hair Shampoos

Keratin-enriched shampoos are formulated to infuse keratin proteins into hair cuticles during the shampooing process. Keratin in hair shampoos fills the holes in the hair shaft to replace missing keratin, repair the damage, and improve hair structure.

The keratin-infused shampoos help strengthen and align the cuticle, improving hair’s resistance to humidity. This kind of shampoo creates a smoother finish on chemically treated hair giving hair natural shine. It leaves chemically processed hair healthy-looking, soft, and easy to style.

Keratin in hair care products help restore both the inner and outer layers of the hair and protect the strands from further chemical and environmental damage.

If you have received a keratin smoothing treatment, a keratin shampoo can extend the results by replacing the keratin that that is slowly being washed away with each shampoo.

Do Keratin Shampoos Straighten Hair?

Keratin replenishing shampoos are made for all hair types, but they are especially beneficial for chemically processed and damaged hair.

Keratin in hair shampoos will not change the texture of your hair, but it fills in the cracks and polishes the cuticle layer, making the strands looking, fuller, smoother, and shinier. It doesn’t straighten curly hair but it will soften your coarse and frizzy locks.

What Ingredients to Look for?

When buying a keratin-containing shampoo, check the label to ensure that the ingredient list includes at least one of the following terms:

Hydrolyzed keratin consists of smaller fragments of keratin that are able to rebuild disrupted bonds, repair the cuticle, and strengthen weakened strands.

Amino acids have a small molecular weight and can easily penetrate the hair shaft. They will work to repair damaged strands and create protection against further structural damage.

Make sure to avoid sulfates, salt, and harsh chemicals that can wash out keratin from your hair. Some brands of keratin shampoo may even contain formaldehyde. You should only consider products offered by reputable companies, that are committed to selling safe personal care products.

Select a keratin shampoo formulated with natural ingredients that are safe for your skin and hair.

Many drugstore keratin shampoos contain harsh sulfates. There are also several “low-sulfate” formulas on the market. If you haven’t received keratin treatment and looking for an inexpensive keratin shampoo, you may find that some of these low-sulfate formulas work for you. Just be aware that harsh sulfates may diminish the desired effects obtained by keratin in your shampoo.

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Are Keratin Shampoos Good for Keratin Treated Hair?

If you’ve had a keratin treatment, it is not necessary to use a keratin-containing shampoo for your post-treatment care. However, you can benefit from using keratin shampoo as long as the product is free of sulfates and sodium chloride.

To maintain freshly applied keratin treatment, you can use the corresponding shampoo and conditioner or any other sulfate and salt-free shampoo. When your treatment starts to wash away, it is advisable to include keratin-containing shampoo in your hair care regimen. This way you will replenish missing keratin and keep your hair smoother and more resistant to humidity. 


Brands: Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Moisturizing Lather Shampoo, Keratin Rebuild Protein Structure, Smoothing Shampoo, by EMOLENT, It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Shampoo Plus Keratin, Sulfate-Free, Keratin-Infused SHAMPOO by ORGANICOLAB, KERATIN PROTEIN Shampoo by HASK, and Keratin Enriched Shampoo by BELLISSO.

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