Seven Benefits of Halo Style Hair Extensions

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In the last decade, one type of hair extension has grown in popularity at a stunningly rapid rate. Wire hair extensions, also known as secret hair extensions or halo-type hair extensions, are innovative products that don’t need to be attached to your own hair. Instead, these extensions are attached to a barely visible silicone wire that uses your head’s natural shape to stay on.

Wire hair extensions are a safe alternative to some damaging hairpieces that can pull your hair or irritate your scalp. These secret hair extensions are incredibly easy to apply and take off. They are also lower maintenance than their counterparts.

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Wire extensionS is an ideal choice if you don’t have experience with wearing false hair. With a bit of practice, you will need just a minute to make a dramatic change in the way your hair looks.

What is the Difference between Wire Hair Extensions and Halo Hair Extensions

The Halo® is a registered trademark for hair extensions made from human and synthetic hair. The original product was launched by Halo Couture LLC about a decade ago. Nowadays, a wide number of hairpieces on the market have the term “halo” in their names, preferably for marketing purposes.

How to Wear Halo Hair Extensions | YouTube video by Luxy Hair

What Is So Great about Wire Hair Extensions?

1. Give you instantly thicker and longer hair. Wire hair extensions work great for people with thin to medium hair. These light hairpieces instantly add fullness, body, and bounce to hair, increasing the confidence of those who dream of having more voluminous hair. If you want something to make your hair look thicker instantly, a halo-style hair extension is a perfect solution for you.

Halo-style extensions work best for people with shoulder-length hair or longer. If you don’t like your short hair (but not shorter than 8–10 inches), this invisible wire extension can add some extra length until your hair grows back. If you are not able to successfully grow your hair long, a secret hair extension will change your hairstyle from short to long in a matter of seconds.

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2. Wire extensions are easy to apply and remove. The halo-style extensions are much easier to apply and remove than their counterparts. You don’t have to sit in a stylist’s chair for hours to have your hairpiece applied. There is no hassle of taping, bonding, beading, or gluing. You also don’t have to go through a time-consuming and messy removal process. All you need to do is fit a clear nylon wire onto your head. It takes two minutes to place the wire around your hairline and just one quick motion to take it out. Some halo-type extensions have little clips to increase their stability if you’re worried that the holding wire will slip from your head, but this won’t happen.

3. Secret extensions are comfortable to wear. Wire hair extensions are lightweight, convenient, and the most comfortable hair extensions available. Their biggest advantage is that they don’t need to be attached directly to your hair with glue or anything else. There aren’t any beads that need reinstallation or uncomfortable clips that can pull and harm your hair or irritate your sensitive scalp. You can barely feel the wire, and you may even forget that you’re wearing false hair.

Some other extensions can be uncomfortable to sleep with because the materials used for attachment can put stress on your hair and cause an itchy feeling. Unlike permanent extensions, you can remove your hairpiece in a quick second when you go to bed.

4. No commitments. Halo-style extensions aren’t permanent, so you don’t have to wear them all the time. Since the application and removal process is quick and easy, you can put it on your head and remove it whenever you want. These extensions are most suitable for special occasions, but you can also wear your hairpiece daily. It’s up to you.

When using a wire hairpiece, you can forget about the expensive and lengthy processes of applying, removing, and reapplying your extensions. You also don’t need special products and techniques for removing them from your hair. A halo-type extension takes two minutes to slip on, so you can reinvent your look in a few minutes without the expense of a salon visit.

5. Don’t damage your natural hair. Even using clip-ins can cause some damage over time. Unlike other hair extension types that can pull out your hair, a wire extension doesn’t put a strain on your strands. This is especially important if you have fragile hair that breaks off easily. In this case, you need something that will not weigh down your hair. A halo-style extension sits on top of your head using a translucent nylon wire that is customized to fit your head. The extension slips on and off causing no damage to your hair.

6. Undetectable in your hair. No one wants others to know they’re wearing false hair. If you have thin hair, the clips or other attachments can be visible. You don’t have these problems with a wire hair extension. The false hair is just attached to a transparent wire that is easy to hide under your own hair.

When properly applied and covered by a layer of your own hair, the extension is virtually undetectable.

No one will notice that it isn’t your real hair. The extension will stay in place regardless of how much you move around.

7. Halo extensions are easy to maintain. Halo-style hair extensions can be washed, combed, blow-dried, and styled to your liking just like your own hair. They can be washed with cool or warm water using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. You can also use a sulfate-free purple shampoo to tone your blonde hairpiece out. Wash your secret hairpiece once every 20 wears or when you notice that product buildup makes the hair hard to style.

If wire hair extensions are made from 100% human hair, they can also be curled and straightened. When applying heat to them, keep the temperature under 350˚F. Avoid applying heat frequently as too much heat can shorten their life. Stay away from hair-care products with sulfates and alcohol, as they can dry out the hair. Using products that are intended for hair extensions helps prolong their life.

Halo-style hair extensions can last for 16–20 weeks depending on maintenance.

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