Caring for Your Hair after Brazilian Keratin Treatment

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Once you’ve had a Brazilian Keratin treatment done, you need to take special care of your hair to make sure that the treatment will last as long as possible. Keratin treatments wash away gradually over time, but with proper care, the results will last about 12 weeks or more.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment and Hair Coloring

If you color your hair, you can do so immediately before a Brazilian Keratin Treatment without damaging your hair or reducing the efficiency of your color or straightening treatment. However, you should wait at least three weeks after the treatment before dying hair with permanent color again. This is because the keratin treatment coats the hair shaft and reduces the porosity of your strands making them less receptive to oxidative dyes.

gorgeous young woman with keratin treated hair

Post Treatment Period

Avoid getting your hair wet for three days after receiving a keratin treatment. This means no washing, swimming, or sweating—and staying out of the rain. Make sure to give your treatment time to adhere completely to your strands.

Leave your hair down and unstyled for the first few days after receiving a Brazilian keratin treatment. The keratin is still malleable, so if you put your hair in a tail, or use a hair clip, this can leave dents in your hair. If you want to tie your hair up, wait until the keratin has been in the hair for at least three days, and then you can use a soft hair tie for short intervals of time.

You are not supposed to use any hair products during the 3-day waiting period, and if your hair does become twisted you need to use a flat iron to smooth it out.


young woman with long keratin-straightened hair

Blow-dry your hair after washing, but avoid using hair products after the first shampoo. You don’t need root lifting sprays, mousse, hairspray, or gels to style your hair after a Brazilian keratin treatment. Freshly applied treatment will keep your hair silky-smooth without the need for many styling products. Overuse of styling products could make your hair look dull and dirty.

Instead, just use a blow-dryer to dry your locks and use a flat iron to create a sleek finish. Most time you won’t need a hair straightener, but it is ok to use it if you need to obtain a perfectly sleek finish.

Beautiful model with keratin-treated hair

After Treatment Precautions

To maintain a sleek shiny look longer, it is also a good idea to wash hair less often because the effects wash out gradually. Avoid exposing your hair to chlorine or salt water and high levels of UV radiation, as these factors may reduce the longevity of your treatment.

Wear a cap when swimming because the salt from the ocean, as well as chlorine in swimming pools, can wash out your keratin treatment. If you don’t like wearing a cap, take a shower before you go swimming, and saturate your hair with a pre-swim conditioner. The fresh water soaks your strands and reduces the absorption of chemicals from pool water, while the conditioner provides an additional level of protection.

Keratin Aftercare Shampoos

In the months following the treatment, use a shampoo and conditioner free of sodium and sulfates. For maximum longevity, purchase a shampoo that is specially developed for keratin aftercare. This shampoo will complement the keratin straightening treatment making the results last longer.

Woman with blue eyes and dark straight hair

Deep Conditioning

Use a sulfate-free deep conditioning masque enriched with hydrolyzed keratin at least once a month. Deep conditioning works to nurture hair and helps extend the duration of keratin treatments. Once the treatment began wearing off a deep conditioning mask helps prevent the effects of humidity, keeping the hair less frizzy, smoother, and easier to style.

Nighttime Care for Keratin Straightened Hair

Sleep on a silk pillowcase at night. Traditional cotton pillowcases can create friction and disrupt hair cuticles as you move, making your hair frizzy and the treatment short-lived. By sleeping on a silk pillowcase, you’ll avoid roughing the hair strands when you toss and turn at night. Silk creates very little friction, which means a longer-lasting keratin straightening treatment.

Don’t wear your hair and avoid using hair accessories when going to bed. Instead, leave your hair down and try to keep it straight during sleep hours. Ensure your room isn’t too warm to prevent sweating and tossing which may cause friction.

When to Redo Your Keratin Treatment

On average, a Brazilian keratin treatment should last about three months. After that, your hair will return to its normal state, but it should be healthier-looking and softer because of the conditioning impact of the keratin.

Once the effects of the Brazilian keratin treatment wear off, you can apply treatment again. Repeating keratin treatment will enhance the appearance of your hair over time. The reapplication will be done on the entire length of your hair and in the same way as the initial treatment.

Beautiful model after receiving keratin service

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  1. For best results, it is recommended to color before getting a keratin treatment. The procedure will seal down the color, so it lasts longer and looks more natural.
    Wait at least 2-3 weeks after keratin treatment before getting your hair dyed. To avoid ruining your keratin treatment use ammonia-free dyes.

  2. I work out three to four times a week and do sweat A LOT on my head – will this ruin the Brazilian?

  3. Avoid any activities that can get your hair wet for the first four days after the treatment. Once your treatment has set, sweating won’t ruin it, but washing your hair too often will reduce the life span of your keratin treatment. Just let your hair air dry after workouts. If necessary use organic dry shampoo between hair washes.

  4. It depends on the choice of formula. A truly formaldehyde-free BKT can be done as often as every month. It’s advisable that you find a hair care professional who is skilled in hair straightening and will help you make the best choice for your hair.

  5. Hi. What kind of serum or cream that will help me to make the hair look shiny n not dry after keratin treatment?

  6. Keep in mind not to overdo with styling products. Your hair can get oily faster and may need more frequent washing. Once the Keratin treatment wears off, look for chemicals-free and silicone-free styling products that will add shine and protect your hair from the effects of humidity.

  7. You may need some blow drying it if you like your hair to be perfectly straight but blow drying will require less time than prior to the treatment.
    Try to let your hair to air-dry after washing. You may find that your hair still looks great.

  8. I just had this done and my hair feels smooth with the exception of a portion on the back/middle. Looks fry 🙁 Is this normal? Straight but looks a little unhealthy

  9. I had a Brazilian blowout a week ago. Yes, I have no more frizz due to the humidity in Texas but my hair is so flat. I’ve tried mousse, root lift, drying with a round brush and velcro rollers. Nada. Is there a way to hurry up and get this out of my hair? I hate it. Thanks for responding!!!

  10. The treatment will gradually wash out of your hair. To speed up the fading process, wash your hair using shampoos with sodium and sulfates.

  11. Hi..i had my Brazilian last week sept 20…can I use other keratin products for the maintenance of my Brazilian treatment. Can I use it weekly?

  12. Yes, you can. Make sure that a product you are going to use is free of sulfates and sodium chloride. Keep in mind that overusing styling products can increase the need for hair washing. Frequent hair washing will decrease the longevity of your treatment.

  13. Can I use John Frieda Frizz ease serum on my hair that has had a keratin straightening 2 weeks ago
    Or Dove Pure Care Dry Oil ( I have these products at home)

  14. These products are not naturally based but none of them will do any harm to your treatment. Use styling products in moderation to avoid frequent washing.

  15. Can I use a leave-in conditioner and heat protection cream before blowdrying my hair from the second wash, if yes which products are good??

  16. Rene Furterer Lissea Leave-In Smoothing Fluid smoothens hair and protects it from heat when you blow-dry. It also helps reduce frizz once your keratin treatment wears off. Joico K-Pak Leave-In Protectant and Burgati Keratin and Argan Oil Professional Series Leave-in Conditioner are also excellent leave-in products for chemically treated hair.

  17. Use hair oils in moderation to avoid the greasy look and reduce hair washing frequency. Apply the oil only to your ends.

  18. Don’t rush to get another chemical treatment, please. Be gentle with your hair. Use a mild moisturizing shampoo and don’t use hot water when rinsing your shampoo or conditioner. Minimize heat styling and use a heat protectant when flat iron your hair. Shine and Smooth by Enjoy offers heat protection, provides a smoothing effect and enhances shine. Briogeo Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection and Heat Protectant Crème also might be a good choice. Add a few drops of Jojoba oil to your shampoo and conditioner. Do google research for lightweight hair oil.
    Ask your stylist about Hair Botox or Cellophane hair treatment, or whatever he/she suggests, but nothing with harsh chemicals, please.

  19. I don’t know about your hair type, the product you have used or how the treatment was performed. There are many possible reasons that the results are not as desired. Did you follow the instructions? Did you clarify before the treatment? You might have used too much product. Hair sometimes can look flat immediately after the treatment, but this will not last. Using keratin enriched hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, mask, and leave-in conditioner can help retain natural moisture and make hair softer and more manageable. These products also keep hair stronger and more resistant to humidity. If you want to straighten your hair, make sure to consult a professional before the next chemical service.

  20. Thanks for sharing the information, I was looking for broken hair care tips, and I think this website gives good information.

  21. Wash your hair as normal, but not too frequently. Make sure to use gentle shampoos without salt and sulfates. When your treatment starts to wear off, use keratin enriched shampoos and conditioners and keratin-infused hair masks to keep your hair strong, smooth and frizz-free and to prolong the time between straightening services.

  22. You can use any quality flat iron to fix small bents during the first 72 hours after the treatment.
    After the treatment is set, it would be best to limit your use of hot tools. When your treatment starts to wear off, ceramic plates with added tourmaline would be the best choice to get smooth, shiny and frizz-free results with minimal damage to your hair.

  23. I had a keratin treatment in November and my hair is falling from the root. Can I use Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultimate Repair Shampoo or will this make the shedding worse? Will my hair grow back? please help me

  24. Hair loss after a keratin treatment is one of the common undesired side effects of keratin treatments. The hair loss is not permanent, but it is hard to predict when the traumatized roots of your hair will recover.
    There is no miracle solution to this problem. Just make sure to be gentle with your hair and avoid harsh chemicals in hair care products.
    Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair Ultimate Repair Shampoo is designed to replenish natural keratin loss and moisture and reduce the breakage of severely damaged hair.
    However, this shampoo contains Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which can be harsh on your hair and scalp. Another unwanted ingredient is Sodium Chloride, which can dissolve keratin coating.
    Use a mild, sulfate and salt-free shampoo. If the problem continues, consult your dermatologist.

  25. The dry scalp had a Brazilian blowout on December 15, 2017. Left a problem with really bad dry scalp what can I use that won’t damage my Brazilian blowout.

  26. Use a hypoallergenic shampoo that is free of sulfates and sodium chloride. Organics Hair Care Shampoo, Fragrance-Free by Desert Essence is worth trying. Always follow with a moisturizing conditioner.

  27. You can use natural hair oils with no added chemicals. Argan oil works well for chemically treated hair. When your treatment starts to wear off, consider a hair oil infused with keratin (such as L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment) to tame frizz and smooth your ends.

  28. The suggested shampoo/conditioners are so expensive.. what do you think of the new L’Oréal PureSleek one? Also… when I washed my hair the first time I applied the L’Oréal shampoo twice to get a good to cleanse. Is it bad to apply the shampoo twice?

  29. can I use lavender oil on keratin-treated hair? because I lost a lot of hair and I know that lavender stops the hair loss… if not what another type of oil I can use to prevent the hair loss

  30. Moisturizing Shampoo for Dry & Damaged Hair with Lavender & Jojoba by Maple Holistics is free of salt and sulfates and therefore safe for keratin-treated hair. You might want to see a dermatologist find the solution regarding your hair loss problem.

  31. Hello,
    I use ACM Novophane anti hair loss lotion which contains:
    Ingredients :
    Aqua (Water), Alcohol Denat., Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Pentylene Glycol, Panthenol, Niacinamide, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Pyridoxine HCL, Tocopheryl Acetate, Biotin, Myrocarpus Fastigiatus Oil, Citrus Paradisi (Grapefruit) Peel Oil, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Fruit Extract, Juniperus Oxycedrus Wood Oil, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Pogostemon Cablin Oil, Hibiscus Abelmoschus Seed Oil, Limonene, Farnesol, Geraniol, Linalool.
    Can I keep using it after keratin treatment?

  32. I cannot see why not. Just make sure to use the product sparingly to eliminate the need for frequent hair washing. As you probably know, the keratin treatment washes out gradually with shampooing.

  33. Hi,
    I did a Brazilian blowout three days ago. I washed my hair after the third day.
    I used a sulfate-free shampoo but after I did it I realized that the shampoo had SLS. My hair doesn’t look straight anymore. Am I ruin it?

  34. Hi,
    I did a Brazilian blowout three days ago. I washed my hair after the third day.
    I used a sulfate-free shampoo but after I did it I realized that the shampoo had SLS and sodium lauroyl. My hair doesn’t look straight anymore. Am I ruin it? is there anything I can do to fix it?

  35. Using sulfate-based shampoo just once will not ruin your treatment. Make sure to include a sulfate/salt-free shampoo in your hair care routine.

  36. Hi, I did a Brazilian 3 months ago and my hair is now thick. I didn’t relax my hair before doing the first Brazilian. Can I relax my hair now then do the Brazilian again? Also how long after relaxing my hair can I do the Brazilian Cacau?

  37. I just had a Brazilian treatment. I have natural white/silver hair..( had). My hair turned yellow. The salon attempted to apply toner..they said it would shampoo out. My hair had been scorched by the flat iron ( which is from blow dry bar). My beautiful natural looks horrible…how do I fix it.

  38. Hi! I’ve just done a Brazilian Keratin Treatment Week ago. Can I use Cream Silk Dry Rescue Daily Treatment Conditioner as my conditioner? Thank you!

  39. After the stylist flat ironed my hair, she didn’t rinse the product out. Is this ok? She said it would help the blowout last longer. I had it done today and she said not to wash it for a few days but be careful not to sweat

  40. It seems like a normal procedure and aftercare suggestion for conventional keratin treatments.

  41. Can I apply aloe vera gel on roots and hair after 1 week of keratin + colored hair? If yes, can you recommend any brand, please?

  42. I had my 3rd keratin treatment yesterday and within just a few hours, my hair began to frizz. I do live in a very hot humid climate and was possibly sweating, however, this has not happened before. after waking this am, I had waves on the back of my head I haven’t dealt with before either. my question is: can I run a flat iron through my hair to help retain the chemical? I will wait as long a possible for the first wash of course with my Kerastase if you believe that’s a good choice. thanks so much!

  43. Hi I have had Brazilian for the last few years and love it as before I had a relaxer and would never go back
    I usually have foil highlights done in a salon but as the grey, I am seeing now is more noticeable in the regrowth (darker brown) I would like to DIY the highlights myself. Is there any color dye I should avoid?

  44. If your hair gets wet in the 24 to 72-hour period following your keratin straightening treatment, blow-dry the wetted part of your hair until it is completely dry, then use the flat iron to make it straight.
    Make sure to use salt and sulfate-free shampoo, like Kerastase Discipline Bain Fluidealiste Sulfate-Free Shampoo.

  45. Make sure to wait at least two weeks after keratin treatment to do any other chemical treatment on your hair. You can add highlights before the treatment. Consider using a toner to achieve the desired shade, as toners are gentler to your hair than permanent dyes.

  46. Hi, my hair was very dry and brittle. I had the BKT for the first time about 10 days ago. I love the look and feel, except that my hair has begun to break excessively. Please advise The product used is 100% natural. A well-known brand.

  47. Hi, I had my Brazilian done on Saturday then waited to go to the gym till Tues morning then washed and dried it. Was this enough time?

  48. Wait about two weeks before using Olaplex No 3. to regenerate broken bonds in your hair. Consider doing Olaplex stand-alone treatment prior to the next keratin service to repair and strengthen the inner structure of your hair. There are several alternative bond builders available. Discuss available options with your stylist.

  49. Hi, I had my hair dyed 5days ago and decided to have a keratin treatment today. After the treatment, my hair was straight but I felt like it was sticky and was not shiny at all. My hair color also turned brassy and too ” bright” for me. After 3days and washing my hair, will the color still tone down? Or can I do anything else to tone down this color? I would appreciate your advice. Thank you!

  50. Hello! I had a keratin treatment.
    My stylist gave me Kerastase Discipline sulfate-free shampoo but since he didn’t have Kerastase discipline masquerading he gave me Kerastase nutritive mas intense for dry and sensitive hair.
    Is it ok to use this masque on my keratin treated hair?

  51. Hello. I had icure treatment. Is it applicable to use a keratin hair spa chemical instead of a conditioner after shampoo?

  52. Yes, you can if you have the problem with frizzy or coarse hair. Since you have received the keratin treatment recently, your hair is not porous enough to get all the benefits of this treatment but using a steam pod will not harm your keratin treatment. When your keratin treatment washes away, the effects will be more noticeable.

  53. I had a keratin treatment today. She told me to wash my hair tomorrow night (24 hrs.). But, I’m reading all your comments to wait 3 days before washing. She told me a lot of people think if you wait 3 days, it will last longer and that was not true. Said it’s important to wash within24 hours. Which instruction do I follow?

  54. The proper aftercare varies depending on specific keratin products. Nowadays, there is a wide range of keratin products on the market and it is important to follow the aftercare instruction for each particular product. I would follow the instructions given by your hair professional.

  55. Hi, my hair is very oily after I had the treatment done and I have to wash my hair daily with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. I don’t use any product after I wash my hair. Also, I can’t fond a dry shampoo that is sulfate-free. Any advice?

  56. Hi, I got a Brazilian blowout, followed all instructions, washed with sodium and sulfate-free shampoo but after first wash hair doesn’t look like it did when I left the salon. They are softer than usual but the sleek straight look that was there the first day has disappeared on the first wash. Does it mean I didn’t get a proper one done but my salon

  57. Sorry, you are not happy with the results. You might want to go back to the salon and discuss the problem with your stylist.

  58. Consider using a dry shampoo between hair washings to avoid the negative effect of frequent shampooing.

  59. Good day! I had my Brazilian blowout two weeks ago. Can I use once hair treatment at home, specifically, the Fresh Jeju Aloe Ice Hair Treatment? Have you heard of it? If so, how do I use it? After conditioner? Thanks. Will appreciate some response.

  60. This is my first time doing Brazilin Keratin Treatment / Botox, I used to do hair straightening

    After doing Brazilian Keratin Treatment hair looks pathetic, total flat

    And the day u wash ur hair, it looks great but after that hair looks oily and sticky.

    within a day hair gets so sticky and oily. not worth it. So every alternate day u have to wash ur hair.

    using De Fabulous shampoo which is sulfate-free yet the hair is not giving great results.

    In straightening, ur hair looks pocky but it gives u the result u want like without washing ur hair, u can let down your hair the way u want.

  61. Most keratin treatments are intended to reduce volume, so your hair can look flat and feel greasy immediately after the treatment. As time passes your hair will look bouncier. De Fabulous Shampoo is formulated to restore moisture and most moisturizing shampoos can leave the hair weighed down. You can experiment with other sulfate and sodium chloride-free shampoos like Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo by LuxeOrganics or Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo.

  62. Can I do light Iron my keratin hair ? after blowdry, will straightening and ironing damage and dry my keratin treated hair?

  63. Yes, you can. Make sure to use a heat protectant before applying the heat. It would be a good idea to use a keratin leave-in conditioner which acts as a heat protectant and also help in maintaining your keratin treatment. A keratin leave-in conditioner will also restore elasticity, shine, and softness. It can make your hair straighter, reducing the need for using a flat iron. Here are some brands you might want to consider: CHI Keratin Leave-In Conditioner, Amika Vault Color-lock Leave-in Conditioner, Thermal Repair Leave-In Treatment Spray
    by Research in Beauty, Keratin Complex Infusion Keratin Replenisher, and Keratin Leave-in Conditioner by Damila.

  64. Please, don’t! It contains Sodium Chloride and Sodium Laureth Sulfate, the two ingredients you should avoid. Purchase a shampoo that doesn’t have these ingredients listed on the label.

  65. I want to wash my hair two days after the Keratin treatment they are too greasy and oily how much harm will I cause to the treatment?

  66. Probably not too much. But it actually depends on the straightened product that was used. If the instructions say that you should wait 72 hours, this period is needed to ensure that your treatment had enough time to fully set in your hair. Some products require a shorter waiting period, while many newer products are more convenient and the hair can be washed the same day.

  67. Hi

    Please help!! My hair gets very greasy very fast, I try not to wash too much but on the second day it looks like an oil ball, I use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and nothing else, please advise to what I can do to make it fresh for longer.

  68. Here are some shampoos that are meant for oily hair and will not harm your keratin treatment, so you can try which one works for you. The list of suggested shampoos includes Degrease Shampoo for Oily Hair and Scalp by Maple Holistics, Shampoo for Oily and Greasy Hair by HONEYDEW, Ginger Rhizome & Kaffir Lime Shampoo by Kaff & Co, and Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle for Oily Hair and Scalp. All these shampoos are formulated without sodium chloride and harsh sulfates. Skip conditioner or try to apply it only to the ends of your hair.

  69. hi good day please help me i got a Brazilian treatment for my hair i follow the instructions that i wash it after 3 days then dont use shampoo conditioner only but when my hair normally dry its frizzy and rubberized omg what should i do.

  70. I had the keratin PBO treatment over a month ago and I am happy with the results. I had dyed my hair one week before the treatment. The treatment made it way lighter than I wanted, so my stylist fixed it right away using some “sulfate-free” hair dye. All went well so far. However, it is time to dye my hair roots again, but salons are now closed because of COVID 19. Is there a hair dye/product you recommend that I can apply at home without losing the Keratin treatment effects I am enjoying? I am told the effects should last another 2 months, and I am afraid a regular dye might eliminate those effects.

  71. Hi, which keratin straightening treatment do recommend to use at home? Also, I have some leftover Brazilian Blowout shampoo and conditioner from last year, can I use that on a keratin treatment?

  72. I have had Brazilian Blowouts a handful of times in the past when my hair was dyed brunette with fabulous results. I transitioned to my natural hair color of white at a salon using Oligo products. My hair is soft but a different texture since the lightening. I have been using Olaplex #3 and conditioning masks a few times a week and using no heat. I am scheduled to get a toner and a Brazilian Blowout- 6 weeks from the lightening. My question is does the Brazilian Blowout yellow white hair? I have always had such wonderful luck with it feeling so luxurious after treatments but don’t want to damage my white hair.

  73. What is the difference between blowout and keratin treatment. I just had a brazilian blowout done is what she said she did. She left the product in my hair but said I can wash immediately if I wanted too. In the past I was told not to wash it for 72hrs. so I’m confused. My hair is super stick straight right now which I love but feeling greasy. I want to listen to my hair stylist but I want it to last as long as possible. So, I haven’t washed it out yet and that was Saturday evening. Am I ok to wash it tonight. It’ll be Monday night?

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