Keratin Shampoos: Ingredients, Benefits, and Tips for Buying

Keratin is a fibrous structural protein naturally found in our hair, skin, and nails. Human hair consists of keratin (up to 95%) and small amounts of lipids, water, and pigments. The middle layer of hair- the cortex– is made of keratin proteins that keep hair strong end elastic. Keratin protein in the outer layer protects … Read more

Five Cleansing Conditioners for Curly Hair

Conditioner washing is a gentle way to clean hair without stripping natural oils. Conditioners don’t contain harsh cleaning agents, that are normally found in ordinary hair shampoos. They use gentle cationic surfactants with mild cleansing power and contain moisturizing ingredients in their formula. Including co-washing in your regimen can give your hair a break from … Read more

Is Co-Washing Good for Your Hair?

What is Co-Washing? Co-washing is short for conditioner only washing and basically means washing your hair using conditioner instead of shampoo. Too frequent shampooing can seriously dry out the scalp and hair. Dry hair is prone to frizz and breakage, especially if it is texturized or color-treated. Co-washing helps to improve the natural moisture balance of … Read more

What Products to Use on Relaxed Hair?

Chemical hair relaxing is an effective way to permanently straighten naturally curly hair. Relaxing agents are strong chemicals that penetrate the hair shaft to reach its inner core-cortex. Relaxers have the power to break the internal bonds that are responsible for the shape of your hair. Once those bonds have been broken, the relaxers can … Read more

How to Take Care of Your Relaxed Hair

The hair relaxing process involves the use of chemicals designed to break down the protein bonds in your hair. To do the job, the chemical straightener needs to remove the invisible hair’s protective layer. This can result in dry, porous, and breakage-prone hair. To ensure that your relaxed hair stays bouncy, smooth, and frizz-free, proper care and … Read more

Hair Botox vs Brazilian Keratin Treatment: Which One is for You?

What Makes Hair Botox Different from Brazilian Keratin Treatment? While both treatments will give you similar results, Hair Botox and keratin treatment are actually quite distinct from one another. Things they have in common: They both create a smoothing effect, eliminate frizz, add shine, and help significantly reduce styling time. Differences: The biggest difference between them is that Hair … Read more

How to Do a Botox Hair Treatment at Home

The Hair Botox is the latest, non-invasive, repairing treatment formulated to restore vitality to hair that has been damaged by chemical processes, straightening, and blow-drying. This effective treatment promises to make your dull and aging hair look young and healthy again. The formula generates its rejuvenating power from a blend of powerful antioxidants, proteins, and … Read more

Tips for Getting the Perfect At-Home Blowout

Nothing makes a woman feel more attractive than a fresh salon blowout. However, getting a gorgeous, shiny blowout doesn’t mean you have to go to a salon. A salon pro blowout can be achieved at home if you have the right tools and you know how to blow dry your hair. The following tips ensure … Read more

Sulfate Free Dandruff Shampoos that are Worth Buying

Scalp flaking happens due to increased skin cell turnover and can be triggered by skin dryness during the cold winter months. It also can be caused by the fungus called Malassezia which irritates your scalp and causes flaking. Anti-dandruff prescription shampoos have been for years the first choice for controlling the appearance of dandruff. Unfortunately, some … Read more

Why You Need a Salt & Sulfate-Free Shampoo after Receiving a Keratin Treatment?

Since a keratin treatment is an expensive and time-consuming process, you’ll want to take appropriate care of your hair by choosing a shampoo and conditioner that will ensure the longevity of the obtained results. In order to preserve your smoothing treatment, you need to use shampoos and conditioners that are formulated without sulfates and sodium … Read more

Introduction to Botox Hair Treatment

Recently, there has been an innovative hair treatment out on the market that’s been garnering a lot of attention. It’s called Hair Botox, and can actually reverse damage to the hair cortex and hair cuticles while straightening, hydrating, and bringing your hair back to life. The way that Botox procedure can wind back the clock … Read more